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Do you need wholesale orders of lumber? RFP Lumber Company, Inc. in Oroville, CA has you covered. From Western Red Cedar to Douglas Fir, we have a wide range of products available for you. You can utilize our lumber for Architectural millwork, sidings and components. Our focus is on drying and remanufacturing lumber, including but not limited to the following species:

  • Redwood
  • Western Cedar Wood
  • Incense Cedar
  • Pine
  • Douglas Fir Industrial Clear
  • Port Orford Cedar


We keep the majority of our redwood in the rough so we can mill your order the way you want it.

Redwood Grades

Redwood lumber comes in over 30 different grades. This includes general-purpose grades as well as specialized grades for a single use. The criteria for grading, as defined by the Redwood Inspection Service, include appearance and durability. There is a grade of redwood for almost any application. Here are the factors to be considered when grading Redwood:


This is a major factor in the grading of redwood. If the lumber is clear (free from knots), it gets the highest grades. Other factors that affect grades are number, size, and nature of knots. Characteristics like stains, crooks, or manufacturing defects are also taken into consideration.

You can learn more about grading Redwood through this document.


The color of a piece of redwood lumber determines its durability and resistance against insects and decay. For instance, reddish brown heartwood from the inner portion of a tree contains extractives that make it impervious to decay. On the other hand, cream-colored sapwood, which develops in the outer growth layer of a tree, does not have this quality.

You can learn more about grading Redwood through this document.

Architectural Use: 

Some grades of redwood are especially suited for exterior and interior architectural uses. The following grades are sold dried (preshrunk and stress-free) for this purpose:

  • B Grade
  • Clear
  • Clear All Heart
  • Heart B
  • Heart Clear

When it comes to beauty and dimensional stability, no other wood type equals these finish grades. They are the ideal grades for siding, paneling, trim, and cabinetry where attractiveness and tight joinery are desired.

You can learn more about grading Redwood through this document.

Garden Use:

Redwood grades that have knots as well as other characteristics that may make them unsuitable for architecture, are often used for decks, fences, and garden structures. The following grades are offered seasoned or unseasoned:

  • Construction Common
  • Construction Heart
  • Deck Common
  • Deck Heart
  • Merchantable
  • Merchantable Heart

The more durable heartwood grades are ideal for uses where the wood will be on or near soil. They can be used to create posts, bulkheads, or patio grids. Examples of these heartwood grades are:

  • Clear All Heart
  • Construction Heart
  • Deck Heart
  • Heart B
  • Merchantable Heart

When using wood for construction above ground, one of the sapwood-containing grades are ideal. This is because, during construction, there is little danger of insect or decay problems. Examples of grades that are beneficial for this use include:

  • B Grade
  • Clear
  • Construction Common
  • Deck Common
  • Merchantable

You can learn more about grading Redwood through this document.

Redwood Patterns

Redwood pattern profiles are established by the Redwood Inspection Service. These profiles and dimensions help simplify the specifying and ordering of pattern lumber. Patterns are established based on:

Surface Texture: Pattern lumber or lumber that is shaped to a molded form can either be smooth-planed or saw-textured.

Grain: Redwood sidings can be sold as vertical grain (VG), flat grain (FG) or mixed grain (MG).

Find out more about Redwood patterns by reading this document.

Sizes Available

1x2 - 1x12 and 2x2 - 2x12

Grades Available

Con-Common, Bee Grade, Clear Aye
Con-Heart, Heart Bee, Clear All Heart

Other Specialty Items

1x2 Clear Aye and Clear All Heart S4S Wine Rack Material
Made-to-Order Siding Pattern Stock

Western Red Cedar (WRC)

Sizes Available

1x2 - 1x12 and 2x2 - 2x12 + Timber
11/16" and 7/8" Boards Available in 1x4 - 1x12 s1s2e

Grades and Other Specialty Items Available

Clear Vertical Grain and Select Tight Knot (STK) Clear Finger Joint Sidings.
Products available as Primed, Prestained or Raw

Incense Cedar (IC)

4', 5', and 6' Fencing in 5/8" and 3/4"
8" and 12" Grass Boards
5/4x6 and 2x6 Surfaced Decking
Siding and Timber Made to Order, Re-sawn, or Surfaced
STK and Clear 5/4", 6/4", and 8/4" Available

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Pine is one of the most commonly used Species of lumber that is used in a variety of finished patterns as well as rough, and smooth. We carry a wide variety of 2 Common boards as well as rough industrial clears and S4S clears. Pine is easy to work with and has a very smooth finish.

Sizes Available

1x4-1x12 2 common S4S KD
1x4-1x12 Clear pine S4S KD
2x12 Pine 2 Common S4S KD
4/4 5/4 6/4 5 8/4 Industrials in Molding & better and C&btr clear rough KD

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is one of the strongest Western soft woods in North America. Douglas fir is in high demand ranging from home construction lumber to, door, window, and siding items.

Sizes Available

1x4-1x12 DF CVG s4s KD boards
8/4 x 4- through 8/4 x 12 DF Clear Vertical grain
8/4 x 4 – through 8/4 x 12 DF Clear Mix grain

Port Orford Cedar

Port Orford Cedar is superior for outdoors since it is decay and rot resistant.

Sizes Available

2x4- 2x6 Appearance decking S4S KD
2x4-2x6 D&btr Clear S4S KD

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