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Redwood (RWD)

Sizes Available:

1x2 - 1x12 & 2x2 - 2x12

Grades Available:

Con-Common, Bee Grade, Clear Aye        

Con-Heart, Heart Bee, Clear All Heart

Other Specialty Items:

1x2 Clear Aye & Clear All Heart S4S Wine Rack Material

Made to Order Siding Pattern Stock

We keep the majority of our redwood in the rough so we can mill your order the way you want it!

Western Red Cedar (WRC)

Sizes Available: 
1x2 - 1x12 & 2x2 - 2x12 + timbers

11/16" & 7/8" boards available in 1x4 - 1x12 s1s2e

Grades and Specialty Items Available:

Clear Vertical grain & Select Tight planks (STK)
Clear Finger Joint Sidings, Primed & Raw

Port Orford Cedar (POC)

Decking, Siding, & Timbers

Clear & STK Stock

Incense Cedar (IC)

4', 5', & 6' Fencing in 5/8" & 3/4"

8" & 12" Grassboards

5/4x6 & 2x6 Surfaced Decking  

Siding & Timbers Made to Order, Re-sawn or Surfaced

STK & Clear 5/4", 6/4", & 8/4" available

OLD Reclaimed lumber products available by special request

Don't hesitate any longer!  No order is too small or too big for us.  Whether you want a truck load or a specific number of pieces, we are here to meet your needs.  Give us a call at (530) 538-4400 and let's talk lumber!

Or, fax your inquires for a quote to (530) 538-4404.
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